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Meditation Around the World

After experiencing a debilitating health condition in 2017 that sent me to the hospital for months, I had a chance to reassess my life while laying on a hospital bed. After months of treatment, radical changes to my lifestyle, and incorporating daily meditation, my health dramatically improved. With a taste of mindfulness, I decided to explore and deepen my practice abroad.

I recently finished studying meditation in various techniques across the world in the US (Massachusetts & California), Japan, Thailand, India, France, and the UK. As a part of my work, I am also on a mission to empower others with the tools and knowledge that I've learned, to live a more vibrant, fabulous, and mindful life.

Yellow Glitter

Yellow Glitter Podcast´╗┐

Yellow Glitter is my regular mindfulness podcast where I share with you whatÔÇÖs on my mind, things I'm be struggling with and how I'm working through it to help you live a more mindful, fabulous life!

I also host amazing queer Asian guests, including Margaret Cho and Ian Alexander from the OA on Netflix.


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Support Groups

I run a few support groups for our communities. I welcome you to join our monthly spaces if you identify as part of these communities. Due to COVID-19, all of the spaces I run have been moved to a digital medium (Zoom) until further notice.

For the Asian Pacific Islander community: API Healing Space
For the queer Asian community: Yellow Glitter Sparkles

Guided Meditations

Meditation is a huge part of my life and I've started to create recordings for people to listen and follow.

You can view my full list of guided meditations on YouTube.

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