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Steven Wakabayashi (he/him) is a queer first-generation, Taiwanese, Japanese-American, based in New York City, and creative director, changemaker, and founder of mission-driven organizations empowering historically marginalized communities within design, tech, and mindfulness industries. After leading creative teams at many notable brands and agencies including Apple, Google, Walmart, Huge, and Razorfish, he is now creating pathways for queer BIPOC creatives into the design industry through QTBIPOC Design, creating safe spaces for BIPOC communities within mindfulness through Mindful Sights, and designing equitable products and experiences for clients with his creative agency Stranger Creative.

Beginning his career in web development to managing creative teams across big brands and agencies, Steven brings a unique blend of both right-brain (creativity) and left-brain (analytical) to his projects. His leadership style is largely informed by his empathy and mindfulness, cultivated through years of studying mindfulness and meditation around the world.

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Accessibility into the design industry is an important cause for me and I founded QTBIPOC Design (stands for queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of color design) that democratizes access to design education, mentorship, and networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ designers of color.

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