Paving digital frontiers.

Designing a 18-month digital roadmap bringing digital to the forefront.

Project | Discovery and App Concept

Client | SiriusXM

Role | UX Lead

Project Summary

1. Identify opportunities to design and develop experiences that will drive the appropriate customer interactions and deliver ROI - increasing number of subscribers and conversion rate, and drive cost savings through self-service digital experiences.

2. Understand the barriers and drivers of the target across the entire customer journey before, during and after every interaction.

3. Assess and inform technology evolution and potential selection to develop and overall experience and technology roadmap.

Ultimately, crafting a seamless digital companion experience for SiriusXM customers and amplifying the current in-car experinece.

After 20 key stakeholder interviews, IT and marketing readouts, full current-state heuristics and architecture assessment, we identified key themes of this project.

Potential Features in an Experience Area

Website Heuristics

Utilizing our themes, we began constructing key strategic pillars and experience principles used as guiding lights in creating opportunity areas to prioritize with the client. Three main opportunity areas were identified based off of customer value, business value and complexity.

"Quickstart" Opportunity Areas

Three Main Personas

Detailed Persona

Customer Journey

Three personas were developed into customer journeys, each with various customer touchpoints stemming from our opportunity areas.

Detailed Customer Touchpoints

In-Depth Customer Journeys

Inital App Design & Concepts

Inspiration & Integrations

Early App Flow

Key Deliverables


Competitive Analysis · Research · Roadmap


App Concept · Functional Flows · User Experience Journeys


Design Comps