Process vision.

Introducing an agile approach with rapid prototyping and atomic design.

Project | Agile Process Innovation

Client | Bed Bath and Beyond

Role | UX Lead · Prototype Track Lead

Our Process Objectives

1. Realize immediate design quick-wins

Business deep-dive with initial discovery assessment, gap analysis and priority roadmap.

2. Define a faster design and development process

Integrating design studio and rapid prototyping to formulate, test and validate design hypothesis.

3. Create simplicity and consistency through systematic design

Inventory and evolution of component library and style guide atomic design.

4. Enable long-term opportunities

Bridging the gap between the vision and today's brand roadmap.


Assessment and deep understanding of of Bed Bath & Beyond's business, website, heuristic and competitors. We begin to inventory components, style guide and edge cases later used to inform our design thinking.

Brand Considerations

Feature Mapping & Prioritization

Rapid Prototyping

Formulate design hypothesis and quickly sketch and iterate concepts to test based on discovery. As part of this sprint, we broke down our design hypothesis into testable, incremental features of the current website. UX, design and development co-create through rapid iteration of concepts from wires to prototype in validating our direction early on.

Design Studio



Iterating on testable components for prototype


Atomic Design

Our design system was built with the atomic design methedology. Individual components and styles were inventoried as our foundation atoms. Any updates would be pressure-tested against cascading impact it had on our templates and pages. Atomic design was critical in both design and rapid prototyping of Bed Bath & Beyond brands.

Benfits of integrating atomic design:

1. Crafts a sustainable design system by building from a collection of shared assets and building blocks

2. Extends the design system over time by easily adding features and functionality to components through modification rather than rebuilding

3. Enables content and component portability and consistency across devices, brands, and digital experiences like OLA and native apps

4. Lowers the effort required for testing because various versions of pages, templates, experiences, etc. can be easily built

5. Creates a shared vocabulary to facilitate better collaboration
across stakeholders, brands and partners

Bringing It Home

Our team iterated on another additional sprint to redesign Bed Bath & Beyond's curated Look Love pages. By leveraging our process, component and style guide library, we extended our vision to evolve Look Love.

Richer editorial layouts

Surfacing content creation and curation to drive engagement with the Look Love brand. Finding moments to make collections more relevant through personalization.

Quicker access to transactional elements

Providing opportunities to quickly access commerce elements to buy instantly.

Bringing product and style-based shopping patterns together

Leveraging the filter search various lifestyle and product attributes.

Key Deliverables


Design Process · Value Proposition


Design Studio · Wireframes · Rapid Prototyping · Testing


Design Comps